For most of the companies we represent, our territory includes the western and central parts of the lower peninsula of Michigan including Lansing and Jackson areas. We also support the eastern portion of the Upper Peninsula. Specific areas of coverage vary by manufacturer. Contact us and we can determine an approach for optimum support within the terms of our representative agreements.

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Water-to-air, water-to-water, and 100% O/A heat pump systems. Heat pumps with dehumidification and enery recovery

Cooling towers, closed circuit coolers. Pulse~Pure® Chemical Free water treatment. Large field erected towers. Retrofit components for all types of existing towers.

VersaFlowAutomatic or Manual balancing hose kits for terminal units.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Lights, APCO system for odor and airborne VOCreduction.

Noise & vibration control; silencers, sound enclosures, floating floor systems, architectural and interior acoustical products

Variable Refrigerant Flow heating and cooling systems-Heat pump and heat recovery

MeeFog™ high pressure atomization for humidification, cooling and special effects

Indoor pool dehumidification & energy recycling, 100% O/A dehumidification

Refrigerant and Desiccant dehumidifiers for agricultural, industrial,
food and beverage, water treatment, and low dewpoint applications.

Compressor Wall Technology and Evolution series all-in-one solution for indoor grow rooms.
GrowSentryTM Technology. Precise room control, reliability and energy efficiency for maximum ROI and Yield

New Products

New Products and Emerging Technologies

The companies we represent are constantly improving their product offerings. Read about a few recent additions.
Contact us for more information on these exiting products.

Seresco Dehumidifiers

The Seresco NP (Natatorium Protocol) series is the biggest industry innovation in 20 years and is the future of dehumdification.

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Advantages of the NP series include:

  • Factory sealed refrigeration circuit with a fraction of the traditional refrigerant charge.
  • Proprietary heat rejection strategy increases efficiency.
  • Seasonal refrigerant and oil migration issues to outdoor condensor are totally eliminated.
  • PVC pipes to dry cooler simplify installation and eliminate threat of copper pipe theft.
  • Distance to dry cooler (if split) is not a concern.
  • Swings in discharge temperature are eliminated as modes change.

Several large NP series units are located in Western Michigan. Contact us if you would like to view these units on-line or in person.

Evapco Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment System

We continue to gain additional experience with the Evapco Pulse~Pure® water treatment system. We have indication that Grand Rapids city water works well with this system.

For additional information about this exciting technology, visit:

Evapco Closed Circuit Cooler

Evapco has developed a unique method of wrapping the elliptical tubes used in their coil products with a spiral fin. This development raises the dry-bulb switchover temperature, improving the dry operation of closed circuit fluid coolers. Self contained control strategies have been developed to minimize water usage. We see many potential applications for these coolers in heat pump projects, process cooling, and data center applications.

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ClimateMaster TE series HPs

ClimateMaster, Inc. announces the launch of its new Tranquility® 30 Digital (TE) Series heat pump unit with high-efficiency two-stage operation to accommodate a wide variety of commercial mechanical system applications, while delivering reliable operation, lower operating cost and compact installation.

Provided in two- to six-ton (7.0 kW to 19.3 kW) capacities, The Tranquility 30 Digital (TE) Series unit with two-stage operation joins ClimateMaster's innovative line of water source heat pumps to integrate two-way digital communicating controls, two-stage capacity, variable-speed fan and internal variable water flow components within a single package.

Available with multiple cabinet options (vertical upflow, vertical downflow and horizontal), the Tranquility 30 Digital (TE) series unit with two-stage operation is flexible for a wide range of commercial projects. With an extended-range refrigerant circuit and capabilities for ground loop (geothermal) and water loop (boiler-tower) applications, it is among the industry's most versatile units currently on the market.

The Tranquility 30 Digital (TE) Series unit notably features ClimateMaster's DXM2 control board, with iGate™ and vFlow™ digital technologies that elevate it among competitive units in numerous respects. Additionally, microchannel aluminum air coils come standard on unit models 026 through 049.

"The Tranquility 30 Digital Series unit with new two-stage operation extends our provision of energy-saving heat pump solutions via the industry-exclusive vFlow and iGate technologies," said Raj Hiremath, director of marketing at ClimateMaster. "vFlow, which provides built-in water flow management, and iGate, which serves as the information gateway for the heat pump unit's operation, facilitate the Tranquility 30 Digital Series unit's lowest system operating cost of any single or two-stage water-source or geothermal heat pump on the market today."

The unit's integrated iGate™ (or "Information Gate") technology streamlines installation by allowing contractors to easily tailor the set-up of the unit, monitor its performance, custom-tailor its operation, and diagnose issues directly from the thermostat. By providing direct communication with the ECM blower, iGate can facilitate a technician's configuration of the unit's airflow from the thermostat, and without having to change DIP switches on the units control board.

Promoting reduced installation and labor time, optional vFlow™ (or "Variable Water Flow") integrates with the iGate system to enable the unit's operation at optimal capacity. The heart of vFlow™ is either an integrated variable-speed pump (for ground loop applications) or modulating water valve (for ground water applications) directly linked into the iGate™ system. Water flow is automatically varied based on changes in unit capacity level (or stage) and source water temperature to maintain optimum system performance, and protect the unit from extreme operating conditions. NOTE: This feature is unique in the industry to the ClimateMaster TE and TZ series.

In closed loop applications, vFlow's variable-speed internal flow controller can save 70 to 80 percent in water circulation costs in part load when compared to single-speed flow controllers. In open loop applications, the internal modulating motorized valve reduces installation complexity and pumping watts required by automatically delivering the required water flow. A low pressure drop version of the modulating motorized valve is also available for closed loop systems.

The Tranquility 30 Digital (TE) Series unit with two-stage operation features a Copeland UltraTech two-stage scroll compressor, with an industry leading double-isolation compressor mounting and sound-absorbing insulation to facilitate quiet operation. It additionally incorporates a variable-speed ECM fan motor, insulated divider and separate compressor/air handler compartments, galvanized steel construction, a standard stainless steel drain pan and a matte black epoxy powder-coated front access panel. Exceeding ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies, the unit offers eight standard safety features, is available in horizontal and vertical configurations, and is capable of operation in a 20° to 120°F extended range.

The Tranquility 30 Digital (TE) Series unit with two-stage operation is available with a range of options, including a hot water generator, tin plated copper hairpin air coils to prevent formicary corrosion, extended-range insulation, an UltraQuiet package, a constant-speed internal secondary circulator, a field-convertible discharge air arrangement (horizontal units only), and an internally trapped condensate drain line (vertical units only),
ClimateMaster, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of geothermal and water-source heat pumps, which are considered to be the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly type of heating and cooling systems available on the market today. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Okla., ClimateMaster, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LSB Industries, Inc. whose common stock is traded over the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LXU


Pool Dehumidification and Energy Recycling Projects

Pool dehumidification and energy recycling projects include Grand Haven HS, Grandville HS and MS, East Jordan HS, Harbor Springs HS, Holland Aquatic Center, Hudsonville HS, YMCA facilities in Grand Rapids and Traverse City, Boyne Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa, and the recently remodeled Forest Hills Aquatic center. We have many Seresco installations in retirement facilities, rehabilitation centers, private residences, hotels, and condominium clubhouses. We recently completed a nice project at Lakes of the North near Mancelona.

Water Source Heat Pump Projects

Water Source Heat Pump projects include Boyne Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa, Crystal Mountain and Shanty Creek resorts, schools, college dormitories, public housing, high end hotels, office buildings, and retirement homes.

Noise and Vibration Control

Most High Schools built in the last decade in our area along with many churches and condominiums, incorporate Kinetics Noise Control acoustical materials. Several of the medical buildings recently constructed in Grand Rapids incorporate KNC floating floors for reduction of sound transmission. The new Jenison public schools auditorium and the Jack Miller Music building at Hope College are some of our recent projects. Recent Humidification Projects

Recent humidification projects include:

  • Calvin College Fine Arts Center – large MEE FOG high pressure system
  • Interlochen School of Music Piano building and music library building
  • GVSU Seidman - MEE FOG system
  • Pharmaceutical Manufactering - In space MEE FOG system


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